Chopper: Origin of the Reaper

Chopper Origin of the ReaperWriter: Martin Shapiro
Penciller: Martin Montiel (Darkness)
Inker: Rodney Ramos (Green Lantern, Spider-Man)
Colorist: Drew Posada (The Wicked, Darkchylde)

This action-packed one-shot reveals the chopper-riding Reaper's history and how he became a headless ghost. Jeremiah Payne, an ex-outlaw biker believes that he has been commanded by God to destroy “demons” that inhabit human bodies. When he touches someone, he can “see” the sins the person has committed. One rainy night in Florida, he tracks down a particularly unsavory clan of psychos that have abducted a young girl and brutally executes them. He finally meets his match when he runs into a headstrong cop determined to bring him down.

Series: One Shot
Format: Full Color, 32 pages
Types: Printed and digital
Price: $3.99 for printed book; $1.99 for digital

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